Folkefesten 2021 is a party and an opportunity to network and create new friendships for patriotic, democratic and non-violent Danes.


It is an open event and an informal meeting place for national conservatives, national liberals, national libertarians and others who want to preserve a sovereign Denmark with inalienable civil rights.


Folkefesten 2021 is a continuation of Uriasposten’s very successful 10-year anniversary party in 2013. In 2014 (impression here) and 2015, it was held at Mosbjerg near Skanderborg under the name Mosbjerg Folkefest.

In 2016, Folkefesten was reborn on Zealand under the name Folkefest For Frihed, and in 2017 went by the same name.


This year, the Folkefesten 2021 is organized by the association Bevar Det Danske Folk.

For further information, you can write to us via our contact form.